What the IPS Insititute offers:

We are developing advanced courses covering topics such as

  • mindwar inoculation
  • media literacy
  • psyop deconstruction
  • metascript analysis

Courses feature:

  • Concise and informative content
  • Glossary of terms with each course
  • Audio version included (read by author)

Sample Course notes from Autohoaxology 101:

Believers and Knowers:

The believer vs. knower distinction is the core of the “autohoaxer” concept. Here are a few key points I’d like to clarify in this regard:


  • Autohoaxer- one who requires evidence for claims made by pathologically lying media, especially when the claims are extraordinary. This requires investigation, fact-finding, and thorough examination. This is not always conclusive immediately and therefore, the Autohoaxer is often left having to suspend judgment and overreactions to televised news. This stance is in contrast to the:
  • Autobeliever- one who assumes what is televised to be true. Their assumption is that the fake news or hoaxes would be exposed by the reporters or journalists. Their error stems from both blind conformity, and the false premise that reporters aren’t part of the production process. So they see reporters are bystanders with cameras, watching a scene unfold, rather than as a reality-television production crew, which is what they essentially are.

Viewers who automatically believe the news likely don’t understand what the MSM is, or how centralized its storytelling is. They lack an understanding of publicity stunts, perception management, psychological operations, and worldview warfare being waged under the guise of entertainment.

Sample Course notes from Deep Faked 101

"...what if the ideal citizen of the future lacks the ability to deliberately reject ideas but are passive recipients of programming and instructions? Perhaps the power elite is engineering a new human, totally augmented with a digital world that has been utterly censored and merged with the state’s approved operating system...."